Recommendations and security measures


Dear friends!
It is essential to follow specific safety precautions to ensure your safety and help avoid potential hazards. Here are some recommendations:

Follow the information: Follow the arrival of information about the situation in the event area and listen to the announcements of the organizers.

Do not block evacuation routes: During air alarms, leave the venue and go to the nearest shelter. After the anxiety is over, we are waiting for you again.

Listen to the organizers' instructions: Listen carefully and follow the instructions and announcements of the event organizers.

Avoid panicking: Always remain calm and attentive, even in stressful situations.

Avoid Unknown Objects: Do not touch unknown objects or packages and immediately tell the organizers or security about them.

When entering the pavilion, the employees of the Hemp Fair must inspect your belongings. Please treat the organizers with understanding and do not obstruct the process. This is important for your and our safety.


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